Influenster Mom Vox 2012 REVIEW

Posted by Treisha marcoux on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I used a lot of these products and some were HITS and some where MISSES

The hits were:
Teas by Stash super fruit samplers! Love the taste and love smells very nice fruity taste without it being over kill!
Quaker soft baked Oatmeal cookie..One word was Yummy! went out and bout more!

Dentek Dental Flosses both were greaT My Hubby loved how easy it was to grip and how it felt after he used it said made his teeth feel cleaner we are buying more! Daughter agreed with her's Liked the fruit taste.
Dish Drying Mat works great so far. Love the color very neutral goes with everything and dry fast without leaving a FUNKIE smell.

Do NOT love these press on nail manicure TOO flimsy does not last any where near a week and too difficult to use like button jeans they pop off to easily .
 The nectar Honey Crystals are okay they needed to be a little sweetie..I used two packs to sweetened my tea..But that could be just a personal preference.
Ivory soap smells great but felt it dried me out a little bit too much!

Thats it overall loved almost everything!

received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.  


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