Naked MInerals

Posted by Treisha marcoux on Saturday, May 18, 2013

There Pressed Minerals are inorgantic..This means that they use minerals. Minerals are pulverized rock so not considered "organic" yet are 100% natural. They do not have any fillers or extenders.There pressed minerals powder are 100% natural despite being "not Organic"

The Foundation a little goes along way which i found out the hard way! Too caky the more you apply but covers beautifully... 

Bag is really nice love it!

Naked Bronzer Duo  Sunrise/ Sunset:  In love with this bronzer and highlighter

The brushes are made from goat hairs and pony hairs are super soft! And work great but the ferrels came undone on one of the brushes so was not happy with that. The brushes are handmade which is awesome!

Lipsticks: Are full of pigment and are beautiful.. but smelled a little funny at first but then i smelled a hint of peppermint..Feisty is my fav but really hard to put on at first really matte.(pinky brown)  Stunning is very shinny and very smooth to apply (reddish pink) Smitten is smooth to apply dark (reddish brown)
Love the gloss very minty and has beautiful shimmer to it.

Eyeliner,Mascara Eyebrows: Eyeliner are in Black,Blonde ,And the color  Brown. Are very smooth and applies easy and seemed to last all day!
Mascara: Volumizing and its a really nice black! Did give my lashes volume

Love the brow kit comes with stencils a duo brown pencil and a mirror with suction cups attached to the back! Love how smooth the pencils are love this kit!

Overall love everything thing and I love the way the foundation felt like i was "naked" lol!

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