The Makeup Show Day 1 & 2 Recap

Posted by Treisha marcoux on Friday, October 4, 2013

This year instead of attending the show I worked with FRENDSBEAUTY. But they are so wonderful to work for they let us shop and get the things we needed. All three of us girls Me,Sara and Amanda are Makeup Artist too...They are pretty funny (Matt) and laid back kind of guys! We had a blast in their booth! We sold Beauty Blenders,Makeup case,Eyelashes,Disposibles and Stilazzi AMAZING Onset bags(in Love).

Here we are with one of my favorite youtubers!!
Amanda,Me,Queenofblending,Matt and Sara

A lot of my Favorite youtube pals were here at the show this year!
Makeupbyrenren is such a sweet person! I got to see her and finally meet Jason with Sedonlace which will
hopefully be attending next year!

So glad that Nicole was here this year she is so busy! And she lives in my neck of the woods awesome lady! Down to earth!

Very fun and nice Patrick Star! Divalicious! Always had on cute clothes!

Save the best for last Queen Of Blending! She wore this beautiful look on day 2
She told us she made this head peice it was beautiful.

There were so many brands this year. A lot were not able to make it cause of Sandy,
so it was so nice to see them this year.


This I thought was awesome.
How many people can say they are special enough to get on
a cereal box?? Oh wait I know Matt with frends! HaHa

I guess he is Lucky and has Charms! Get it?

This is Ofra Cosmeticts! This is father and daughter and family owned companie. And let me tell you they have THE BEST PRODUCTS! I waited a whole year to go to their booth. Their products really are amazing!
Every pigment has payoff from their powders,foundation eye shadows ect..
 I could keep going, they never disappoint! I can't live without their new brow gels,
which my review will be up soon on my channel!
Eyeshadow palettes and face mist spray.. Not only are their products great but they are the nicest brand I have met. They are very personable,giving and so nice and very passionate about their products as I am..I am truly a fan!

This is AJ CRIMSON his line was developed by Ofra no wonder why it amazing too!
I saw his stuff last year and walked away without it. Big mistake on my part!
I was doing a wedding with a friend who bought his foundation and used it
on my bride it went on like butter and made her look so stunning! I told myself
I am not walking away without the whole set this year!

This is Christina we had to get our picture again so nice!
Check out her blog

My two Blogger gal pals again. Phyrra  and Sara Love these ladies!!!

Senna was our neighbor. I was so upset Eugenia Weston could not make it.
She had a small accident. Hope she is feeling better!

One of my other loves are Crown Brush. Everything they have is very affordable and made so well..
I have a ton of palettes,brushes, and a few train cases that I adore! They were so kind enough to
give me some brushes for you guys on my IG go check it out Ends Oct 17th.
Oh they now have a great app for your phone makes shopping easy!

Our Booth!

Us with the beautiful Elessa jade and Queen of Blending!

My girl Amanda posing for a shot! I miss her already she is the best!

Me and Sara doing out kiss kiss faces!

Love this picture!!

This model came to our booth and was so funny!  I cant beleive
this is really Sutan Amrull his client are Tyra Banks,Adam Lambert and many more..

While I was working my hubby and baby were having fun in the sun!

This show was Amazing it truly was! I got to meet the greatest most down to earth people..
The only down fall was I was not able to take in any classes and do interviews ect this year,
But that was it I had a great time with my crew at Frends and made friendships and bonds with the best of the best in my industry! I will have more videos about the show on my YOUTUBE channel TreishaProMUA


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