The Orlando Premiere Show 2013

Posted by Treisha marcoux on Thursday, June 6, 2013

I recently got to work the Orlando Premiere show with  Frends Beauty and Stilazzi!

If you don’t know about of the Premiere,  It's a Convention Show for all  professionals in the Hair and Makeup Industry. But more for hair! They have Training ,Classes and Tons of amazing deals with discounts on products geared in this case more hair. Shopping ,Shopping  and more Shopping lol!

There are thousands of vendors selling products with a awesome discounts that you can only get at a show like this! And only as a professional in the industry!

Big brand name companies to really small, companies.
Premiere is more of a hair-focused show, but does also showcase cosmetic products, accessories, clothing and more

I got to work alongside Frend's beauty supply/ Stilazzi from LA, and also with my friend Sara who you may know on Youtube. youtube/sweetglamourmakeup

We had a blast selling makeup brushes, supplies and makeup cases. The best time ever!

Click here Frends Beauty  to get a 40% discount called "Frends with benefits"

It was awesome to meet Brian and Matt who run Frend's beauty, And Stilazzi.  They were so wonderful to work with! I hope to work with them again at the Orlando Makeup Show, Sept 28th-29th. Along side Sara and Amanda!
My really good  friend Alyce was also there the first day! She is known as Beautybyalyce and on youtube. Youtube/alyce8683

Go check out my girls and give their channels and blogs some love!!!
Plus I got to see Elessa Jade (Pursebuzz) and Koren (Enkore) both youtuber's..Met them both last year  at The Makeup Show ,and they are sweeter than ever! Really down to earth the both of them!

Here are the highlights and videos of the show!

Amanda ,Alyce,Me and the person in the back is Matt from Stilazzi goof ball!

Matt in back again lol! Brian with Frends beauty!

Me and Sara (youtubes Sweetglamourmakeup) And yes Matt again making his cray cray faces!

Elessa Jade ( Purse Buzz)

Alyce and Me (beautybyalyce) Youtuber

My beautiful beauty blogger friend Mina

The Crew day 2

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