Posted by Treisha marcoux on Wednesday, January 30, 2019
I have been getting into wigs a lot. Let’s face it so many celebrities use them nowadays. 
 I am collecting them to say the least. I have a ton right now! There’s nothing wrong with my hair I have naturally curly hair. I am letting the color grow out so I find wearing wigs makes it a little bit easier while it’s transitioning. My hair is kind of long so imagine me having to flat iron it it would take up to 2 Hours. And if it rained it would go right back curly again,  I love being able to change up my style without damaging my hair. It’s really fun to be able to have different looks and not have any damage. A lot of my favorites are lace front wig because they look more real and natural. There’s a term that we use called wiki and the reason why we say that is because the front of it looks very fake and it has a fake scalp. But the lace fronts like I said before look very natural. The ones I own are synthetic and some of them have human hair.  Also the other thing I love is people love my hair and always ask me where I get it done and I tell him it’s a wig and they are shocked.  Ever since I started wearing wigs I’ve had all my friends wanting to wear them my family members have invested in some. It is an investment some of them are not cheap but then there are some that you can find that are inexpensive that look just as real so you don’t have to go spending a ton of money either just depending on where you look. So yeah this is my new favorite thing 


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