Little Mermaid Shoot 2019 / Mermaid Photoshoot with Capture By Destiny 2020 featured in Fins Magazine 

Model Jessica Kisiel    20s Photo shoot

Photographer Devine Photography  April 18th 2019

Theme Kids Shoot Mad Hatter Tea Party   Devine photography March 2019.                 ©️GlaMarcouxArtistry

Theme Photo shoot 70s 2019  Photographer Devine photography.                                           ©️GlaMarcouxArtistry

Theme Shoot  Mystical Fairy 2019 Devine Photography                                                                         ©️GlaMarcouxArtistry

Mermaid Shoot           Devine Photography

Audrey Hepburn Model Britanna Devine Photography                                                                              ©️GlaMarcouxArtistry

Before and Afters 2018-2019.                                                                                                                              ©️GlaMarcouxArtistry

Wednesday Adams     Model Britanna       Devine Photography


PROM 2015- 2018

Photo Shoot Model Kaitlin Photographer: TJ TOWER PHOTOGRAPHY May 29 2015

SOME FX I DID OCT 2014 For Crunch fitness staff Bloomingdale

Smashbox Event at Nordstrom 2014


 Did makeup for the Tampa Sun Dolls 2013

Work With Smashbox and Famous Photographer Steven Han

Smashbox events 2013

 Trendshow for Smashbox / Wedding for a friend 2012

 One of my many favorite weddings  did a lot of lady's that day! 2010 to 2013

 Some random events